Le Bottin Maltais offers Internet users, through the website Le Bottin Maltais under the URL: a Maltese Directory for French people living in Malta. Le Bottin Maltais offers partner companies (hereinafter the (s) “Client (s)”) a subscription allowing them to be visible and available on Le Bottin Maltais (hereinafter the “Site”).

These General Terms and Conditions of Service (hereinafter “GTCS”) define the terms and conditions under which Le Bottin Maltais sells subscriptions to companies wishing to be visible on the site.

Le Bottin Maltais reserves the right to modify these GTCS at any time without notice, it being agreed that such changes will not apply to subscriptions taken out before and confirmed by Le Bottin Maltais. Thus, the GTCS, that can be updated and modified at any time, must be consulted regularly and apply as soon as they update to any new subscription.

Any subscription made on the Site constitutes full approval of these GTCS and payment of amounts due under the subscription contract.


Le Bottin Maltais is a company with a capital of 1200€, located on C3006, St Juilan’s Ramp, St Julian’s, STJ 1062, Malta.

E-mail address of the company: [email protected]
Company phone number: (+356) 777 643 22
Individual identification number for VAT: C67147

As part of a contract, Clients have empowered Le Bottin Maltais to present their activities, to cash the price of subscriptions in their name and on their behalf and make available online all information provided by the Client.


Save non-compliance with the rules of the current Site, the subscription by the Client is binding commitment until termination thereof by the Client. Le Bottin Maltais shall express any cancellation made by the Client in writing to Le Bottin Maltais and only take effect after express acceptance of it.
If it is sent more than 15 calendar days from the subscription’s signature date, in case it would be accepted by Le Bottin Maltais, it will be due by the Client, first, the amount of technical expenses due, and secondly as a lump sum 10% of the amount the subscription.

For any modification or change of registration related to the subscription, the Client must apply directly to [email protected]


It is up to the Client to provide, on time, the necessary elements for the creation of its page or thumbnail on Le Bottin Maltais. It is up to the Client to decide amongst our available options what he wants its page to feature if he choses the Premium package. In any case, if the Client does not provide Le Bottin Maltais with necessary data and pictures, Le Bottin Maltais may use elements extracted from the Client’s official website or other relevant sources. Le Bottin Maltais may as well wait for the Client’s data and not create the page or thumbnail before the gathering of everything needed and this will have no impact on the date of end of the contract.


Le Bottin Maltais agrees to perform its obligations loyally and diligently in accordance with the terms of the order and the general conditions. Le Bottin Maltais cannot be held responsible for the establishment, or the non – execution, or termination of any relationship eventually established between the partner and user of Le Bottin Maltais services from the subscribed services by the Client.

In case of the liability’s indictment of Le Bottin Maltais, the amount of compensation due by Le Bottin Maltais cannot exceed the price of the advertisement concerned depending on the damage actually suffered and proven by Client, and except in cases of non-performance of a substantial element or very serious misconduct from Le Bottin Maltais.

Users can normally reach Internet services 24 /7, revise, without obligation for Le Bottin Maltais. Le Bottin Maltais cannot be held, in any way, responsible for any incident due to release of disturbances on electronic communication network.


On Le Bottin Maltais, the Client can choose its activity, keywords or domain; it should, however, exhibit the actual business of the Client.

Any hypertext link installed on the page should redirect to a web page from the Client website. If, from the Client page available on Le Bottin Maltais, it is possible to reach another service, such as hypertext links, and / or relaying Page distribution media (social networks for example), the Client agrees that this service has a direct link to its page and warrants Le Bottin Maltais any conviction or other consequences that could result from the action of a third party because of that connection.

The Client is solely responsible for the call numbers, titles, headings, text, promotional, visual offers, domain name, videos, events and more generally, the full content of his page. It expressly states that it has the necessary rights of literary and artistic property, industrial property (trade, marks, designs) and possibly the image rights of the human person and property, on any item listed on the Page and that it is in compliance with any legal rule, administrative or ethical about his profession. The Client undertakes to pay to his partner, the amounts to be paid to allow the operation of such elements.

The Client is hereby informed that its advertising is searchable by anyone of any age, nationality, race, sex or religion, and that Le Bottin Maltais has no control on the consultations, especially on the Internet network. The Client will refrain any claims that may offend the sensibilities of the people and indemnifies Le Bottin Maltais against any conviction or other consequences that could result from this because of the action of a third party. Le Bottin Maltais reserves the right to remove without notice any redirect page guilty of an abuse of use (illegal content, spam…) or more generally, any behaviour that may affect Le Bottin Maltais or its Internet users.


Le Bottin Maltais offers two solutions to its Clients: A “basic” one, which is completely free. It includes the display of the company name as well as the partner contact details in a thumbnail displayed on the results pages ; A “Premium” one, offered at a monthly fee of 4,90€ during the first year, as a launch offer ,and after always at a monthly fee of 9,90€. The Client can share various details on its activity. In particular, the Client can add a detailed description, photos, a Google Map, a Google street view, a video, a link that allows the user to access social networks, a blog and a section dedicated to the promotion of products, services or events organized by the Client.


Without prejudice from any damages which Le Bottin Maltais could claim, Le Bottin Maltais reserves the right at any time to amend, or withdraw any advertising or content; to cancel, suspend and / or automatically terminate forthwith without formality, without the Client being entitled to any compensation, all or part of the order, in case of non compliance by the Client of terms of payment or if all or part of the Advertisement was found to be not in accordance with good morals or public order or to the editorial line of Le Bottin Maltais.
The exercise of these rights does not exempt the Client’s payment of any amounts due.